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'What Matters?' Cymbrogi Companions, an Educators Journey 
‘Continue your journey towards a more sustainable future.’

Join us at the inspirational Cymbrogi HQ for a unique two day learning journey, guided by our Cymbrogi Champions.


Expand your knowledge of the Core Four (Sustainability, Well-being, Creativity, Collaboration) through experiential, hands-on and applied practice. Reflect further on the question ‘What Matters?', design your Action-Impact Project, and put into practice the sustainable change you want to see in the world.


Essential Information




Contact Us!

Contact us about our 2023 Spring dates starting March - May, and Summer dates June -July.




At our 

inspirational learning site, Cymbrogi HQ, Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire.


What's Included

  • Unique and highly personalised 2 day onsite programme of activities guided by our expert Champions

  • All food, drink, materials (Organic, local, sustainable)

  • Online support throughout your journey

  • Onsite accommodation in shared Bell Tents or local Hostel

  • Global networking opportunities 



£450 per participant.
Discounts available for groups.

Discounted tickets for our Changemaker Festival.

Classroom coloured.png

Rhaglen 2 ddiwrnod o weithgareddau trwy brofiad, ymarferol a chydweithredol ar ein safle Lawrenny (amgylchedd dysgu Covid-Safe). Byddwch yn archwilio ymhellach y Pedwar Craidd gyda'n Hyrwyddwyr a'n prif ymarferwyr, yn datblygu sgiliau 'atal y dyfodol' ac yn cyrchu profiadau unigryw yn amrywio o chwilota am arfordir i weithdai ymarfer lles, adrodd straeon, creadigrwydd a dylunio'r cwricwlwm.

Cam 2


Preswyl ar y Safle


Fel rhan o ail ddiwrnod y rhaglen ar y safle byddwch yn dysgu defnyddio Meddwl Dylunio wrth ddatblygu Prosiect Effaith Gweithredu. Yna byddwch chi'n mynd â'r prosiect hwn yn ôl i'ch cymunedau i'w weithredu. Ar draws y cam hwn cewch gefnogaeth tîm Cymbrogi a chyd-gymdeithion.

Cam 3


Prosiect Gweithredu-Effaith

Mae newyddiaduraeth fyfyriol barhaus yn galluogi cyfranogwyr i gydnabod a bod yn berchen ar y siwrnai y buont arni. Rydym yn annog cyfranogwyr i rannu eu dysgu ag eraill ar draws cymuned Cymbrogi a thu hwnt. Mae hyn yn rhan o'r 'graddio' o'r rhaglen. Ar y cam hwn rydym yn gwahodd ein Cymdeithion i ymuno â ni yn ein Gŵyl Ddysgu Cymbrogi Futures flynyddol ac i fynd â'u dysgu ymhellach trwy raglenni astudio ychwanegol.

Cam 4


Gwerthuso a Rhannu


Connecting with Place:  We immerse ourselves in the systems of Lawrenny through a guided natural systems-walk and foraging experience, making the connection between our needs and that of the non-human world. 

How do I learn from my experience?

Shaun will guide you to transform the knowledge, awareness and insights from the previous session into day-to-day practice.

What needs to change for me to be well? 

You will work with Shaun to cultivate a deeper sense of what ‘Being Well’ means to you. You will dive into the multiple dimensions of well-being, get clear sense of what it means to us individually and collectively, and develop practical ways to cultivate well-being in the rhythm of your daily lives.

A Lunch like no other: We gather to experience a meal foraged from the lands and estuary surrounding Lawrenny. An opportunity to connect with both the local eco-system and our fellow Companions. 

Electives: Personalise your learning journey by joining one of a range of engaging and practical workshops linked to the Core 4.


Reflection: It is important to take a pause and to take stock. We invite you to choose a spot, to reflect and record your thoughts in your bespoke Companions Journal. 

The Power of Storytelling: Let Phil take you on a powerful narrative journey into the art and practice of storytelling. Inspired by folk tales that connect the human and non-human worlds you will be invited to co-create you own powerful stories reflecting your journey; past, present and future.

Camp food and Camp fires: Time to settle down to some great organic and local food,  chat, and enjoy the camp fire. Perhaps indulge in some star gazing or bat watching. 

Cam 2: Archwilio

Earl Morning Well-being Practice: Optional 'early-risers' well-being session, taking in the peace, tranquility, and views across the Cleddau estuary. 

Journey Mapping: Following a hearty camp fire breakfast we invite you to reflect on your journey so far and share where you hope to take it across the days and months ahead. 

Sustainable Practice - How can we reduce the impact our clothing has?: Dr Verity Jones will challenge your thinking in this interactive session. Can fast fashion be sustainable? Whilst re-purposing old pieces of fabric, we will discuss issues such as garment worker conditions and microplastics from (washing) clothing. We will look at how one might design/make a sustainable item of clothing, observing case studies of circular/sustainable fashion brands.

Activate Your Creativity: Al Brunker will guide us on a creative journey, taking us from the intrapersonal through interpersonal and into our natural surroundings. Set free of the normal confines of 'creative-less' thought you will be invited to think expansivley. 

Future Foods Experience: In this pre-lunch session we will explore, debate and sample 'Future Foods'. But after the bugs we will ensure you enjoy some fresh food, fresh air and some reflection time.

Designing a More Sustainable Future: In this depth session Rob will facilitate the application of a Design Thinking process, helping you to design your personal Action-Impact Project. Drawing on your own reflections, the Core 4 and your goals for the future you will work with Companions to collaboratively create the change you would like to see in the world.  

And Finally: We convene to reflect, share our stories and discuss the next stage of the programme journey; our Action -Impact Projects. We commit to make a change and to support one another as we strive to change our lived worlds. 


Electives: Join a number of workshops designed to help you explore the Core 4 more broadly.


Onsite Schedule


Cam 2: Archwilio

Journey Mapping: Following a welcome breakfast, you will get to know your fellow Companions and begin to apply the principles of Collaborative Action. We will work together to reflect upon What Matters and map out the journey ahead of you. 

Work-in before we Work-out: We start our Well-being journey with Shaun, learning how to tune into to the needs of our Head, Heart and Body. 

Essential Information
Onsite Schedule
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